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Our travelling stories from Sweden and Finland

Do you like travelling to new places and discover their treasures ? Then follow us on our journey from summer 2017 ! Here's what you'll see : 10 days in Sweden then 10 more days in Finland (and a quick trip in Estonia).
Enjoy the ride !

Laura Santarnecchi

Travelling and photography are my passions, I shot most of the images found in this blog, and wrote down our story to help you picture our journey. If you want to join me on my social networks, you'll find the links right here.

Antony Mota

I study at L'École LDLC, I developed and translated this website. Other than that, I like video games (PCMR), photography, canned tuna, english, and many other things in this digital world. If you're interested, here are a few links to my social networks !