Day 1 - Arrival & discovery of lake Rastajön

Wednesday, June 28th 2017, 3:15 AM, The start of the adventure

Our buckled luggage were waiting for us by the door when we left for the Geneva airport. After a few waiting lines, check-ins and a bunch of escalators, we embarked for a total of 2 hours and 15 minutes of flight.

9:00 AM, our first steps on Scandinavian soil. We arrived near the Swedish capital, Stockholm. Once we had gathered all of our stuff at the Arlanda airport, we hurried towards our Airbnb to leave it there. We had previously been informed at an airport information desk about what transport to use in order to arrive in Solna, where our temporary home would be. By the way, if you need advice for your own trip, we recommend taking ordinary buses or trains instead of the “Arlanda Express” train, which costs twice as much despite only being about 15 minutes faster.

After leaving our bags, we decided to have a picnic nearby our home, near the lake named Rastajön. Tired from our very early (2 AM) awakening, we quickly settled on one of the many benches near the entrance. We were impressed by the number and variety of birds and ducks that lived all around the lake. And, the noise of all this wildlife moving around in the sky was so strong that it echoed throughout the whole park.

Our sandwiches engulfed, we started walking around this splendid lake that reflected all the surrounding vegetation. Don’t you think the landscapes look like Monet’s art ? What’s for sure is that this lake inspires physical activity ! We crossed the path of many different kind of runners, a trend that continued proving itself during the following 10 days.

At the end of the afternoon, a break on a bench quickly turned into an unplanned nap, so we decided to head back to our home.

The day ended at the Mall of Scandinavia, a very large mall with all kinds of shops, restaurants and beautiful examples of scandinavian design. This is where we shopped to cook most of our meals for the coming days.

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